Our Coffee

The concept of specialty coffee is quite simple: individual geographic microclimates produce beans with unique flavor profiles.

Each lot that we roast will have some differences in the flavor profile since the environment in which the coffee plant grows in will impact it; even the plants and flowers around it can affect its flavor. Our coffee grows between 1400 and 1800 meters above sea level, and where native trees and plants grow alongside the coffee plants, this offers a shade that protects the coffee plant and provides its unique flavors and aromas. After considering the special conditions specialty coffee grows in, the coffee fruits are handpicked, which only allows us to harvest the ripe coffee fruits.

Then it is processed in a way in which we can ensure we maintain the best quality of the green coffee. With specialty coffee, there is more to flavor, and we must assess the sustainability of specialty coffee. That is, even if a coffee results in a great tasting beverage if it does so at the cost of the dignity, value, or well-being of the people and land involved, it cannot indeed be a specialty coffee. It is a concept we believe is one of the most important ones we need to consider when assessing what makes a coffee special. That is why we not only offer a specialty coffee that is organic but also certified fair trade.


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